About Us

Holidayfest is a non-profit community service organization whose purpose is an annual festival which brings together the entire Hendersonville and adjoining Sumner County community during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Holidayfest joins the people, businesses, government and service organizations of the community. Our activities have two primary benefits: they monetarily help worthy non-profit causes while bringing substantial business and tourism dollars to the community. Holidayfest does this by attracting thousands of visitors to Sumner County to celebrate the spirit of the season during the months of October, November and December, at the same time we have designed numerous activities supporting and promoting a number of non-profit events that take place during this time period. Holidayfest also helps train the nonprofits in their fundraising efforts during these holiday associated events.

In 2007, Lynda Evjen was new to Sumner County and she was asked about creating something to replace the standard seasonal bake sales. Lynda had an idea to create a (#1) Gingerbread Competition and she approached Keller Williams Realty as a sponsor. Keller Williams through its then agent, Steve Luther had just taken over the (#2) Hendersonville City Parade and they decided to add that to the weekend to create a small festival. Local business owners, including Janna (JJ) von Kessel of the UPS Store thought it would be good to honor local businesses as well. At the same time, the concept of the (#3) St. Nicholas Ball was created and held at a local church. From these three people and three events in the 2007 Christmas season, Holidayfest was born.

By 2014, Holidayfest hosted eighteen events and had a board of eighteen members plus 5 executive Board members!

The Board Commitment: The Board of Holidayfest is made up of eighteen Members who buy tickets, support and attend all events hosted by Holidayfest. Different board members provide in-kind donations as well. One donates the wine and alcohol for all events; one provides all the party goods such as plates, balloons, napkins, props, generators, etc. One donates all the video /audio time for TV and Radio public service announcements. One helps with the printing costs and gives the charities discounts all year.

Goals for the Future: Our Goal for the Future is to continue to grow by adding additional events throughout Sumner County to highlight and help local organizations as well as national charities but to also find free events for the entire community and seek more donors as well as grants and continue with city support from the Alderman and Mayor, as well as the County Commissioner. The Board’s goal this year is the help raise $100K!