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HolidayFest, TN brings together the Sumner County community, its people, businesses, government, and service organizations in a celebration of Community, Tradition, Charity, Creativity, and Literacy

We are proud to present over two-dozen events planned for the 2019 Holiday Season including  Holiday Parades,  Local Shopping Extravaganzas, Concerts, Galas, and of course Breakfast with Santa all organized by local businesses, organizations, and non-profits. Your family and friends are sure to be delighted!

Last year, we were able to support so many wonderful organizations who greatly benefitted from the fun; Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center, Make-A-Wish Foundation Middle Tennessee, and Community Childcare. And Sumner County, this Holiday Season is shaping up to be even BETTER!

Find your favorite events, or start a new tradition by searching our EVENTS CALENDAR by date, or title. Then, click the link for details including location, time, and description.

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HONORARY CHAIR 2020 – Joe Bonsall

Joe Bonsall, a member of The Oak Ridge Boys
HolidayFest 2020 Honorary Chair, Joe Bonsall - Member of The Oak Ridge Boys

2020 HONORARY CHAIR - Joe Bonsall

Joe Bonsall, a member of The Oak Ridge Boys, will be the Honorary Chair for this year’s 2020 HolidayFest Events, which begins in September. Bonsall has been singing since he was about four years old and, in his mid-teens, fell in love with Southern Gospel music harmony. He joined the Oaks in 1973, just prior to the group’s emergence on the Country music scene. As with the other group members, much of his time is spent on the road performing, but Bonsall has found his own way to get the maximum possible enjoyment out of touring.

“My life is really pretty simple,” says Bonsall, who is often referred to as "the Joe," the group's principal spokesman on stage. “I go out there and try to sing the best I can and give them physically and mentally every single thing I’ve got. When it’s done, I go back to my room, call home, eat my pizza or sushi, get on my Apple laptop, watch the sports scores and say to myself, ‘Hey, I’ve done what I’m supposed to be doin’ and I feel great about it.’”

Larry Philips, president of HolidayFest said, “Joe’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, background shows through clearly in his love of the Philadelphia Phillies. According to him, “I live and die with the Phillies, no matter where they are. 1993 was great for me; one of the highlights was going home to Philadelphia and taking my parents to two World Series games. That was so cool.”

Now a Nashvillian for almost four decades, Bonsall is also a Tennessee Titans football fan. He and his wife Mary attend Titans’ games whenever he is in town.

“We are honored to have Joe as our Honorary Chair and appreciate all that the Oak Ridge Boys do for our Community” Phillips said.

He became a published children’s book author in 1997 with The Molly Books, a four-book series published by Ideal’s Children’s Books. In 2003, New Leaf Press published G. I. Joe and Lillie: Remembering a Life of Love and Loyalty, an inspirational biography Bonsall penned about his parents.

2020 HONORARY CHAIR - Joe Bonsall

His song by the same name was included on the Oaks’ Colorsalbum, released the same year. A music video of the song re-emerged in the summer of 2009 and became a YouTube hit with more than five million views. His latest book, On the Road with The Oak Ridge Boys, released from Harvest House Publishers in May 2015.

He also wrote the title song to the Oaks’ The Journeyalbum, as well as the text for the Oaks’ coffee table book, An American Journey. New Leaf also published his Christmas story, An Inconvenient Christmas.

In September 2010, Journey Press, a division of Sheaf House, released his latest hardbound book, From My Perspective, a collection of commentaries, stories and other writings. Christmas Miracles, a collection of short stories and commentaries, originally published in 2008, was updated in 2012.

For relaxation, Bonsall retreats to his farm on the Tennessee-Kentucky state line and can often be found on his John Deere and Branson tractors mowing part of his 350-acres—or sitting on his front porch and playing his banjo, an instrument he has played for almost eleven years.

He plays a step-out lead on the Oaks’ Rock of Ages CD.

Bonsall has two daughters, Jennifer and Sabrina; two grandchildren, Breanne and Luke; and one great-grandson, Noah Chance. He and his wife also have five cats, Sunny, Baybe’, Crockett, Mitty and the Mighty Barney.

Fans can reach him online at www.josephsbonsall.com.


The HolidayFest 2020  King and Queen are Jonathan and Tammy Hayes of Hendersonville.  Jonathan serves as an Alderman for Ward 5 and is past president of the Hendersonville Rotary Club. Tammy, is the District 1 Representative of the Sumner County School Board. We are proud to have such great representation for our great cities and Sumner County!


Jonathan and Tammy Hayes of Hendersonville
King and Queen for HolidayFest 2020, Jonathan and Tammy Hayes of Hendersonville